Today during our last day of training my knee felt really really loose, but I wasn’t in an imense amount of pain so I disregarded it. I did, however, take a break in the morning because my knee felt inflammed. During the afternoon session, my knee felt stronger so I continued. Due to the fact that today was the very last day to train with Taiwan, I wanted to give it my all. Because of how thoughtless I was about my knee, it started to feel loose. I really shouldn’t have continued on training knowing I was in pain. I had to keep in mind that I was in charge of that training group and I am the oldest with the most experience, so I pushed myself past my limit. I was in pain and yet I was stubborn and wanted to continue fighting it. I guess my body was smarter because I immediately lost all feelings on my knee. Limping to the chair in the waiting area, I started tearing up; not because I was in pain, but because I was frustrated. Not only could I not kick properly, I also couldn’t keep my balance. I got scared because the idea that this would happen every time I train intensely made me feel useless. I felt like shit. After calming down for a while, I stood back up and headed to the training mats. I know, I really should’ve rested. Regardless of what others said, I insisted I was fine and continued. Luckily my knee didn’t worsen, but the master limited my movements to protect my knee. Long story short, I was a crazy mess today and my conscience is fucked up. 

PS. Sorry, I didn’t write yesterday because I ptfo when I got back to the hotel 


Author: lifeashollycheuk

Just your average young adult. I go to Simon Fraser University. My hobbies mainly include taekwondo, dancing and singing . What else am I supposed to put here?

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