Not Taekwondo Related

Finally a vacation that’s not taekwondo related! Visiting two cities in Taiwan with my cousins for the next few days will hopefully be relaxing and exciting. I don’t have to worry about taekwondo for the next few weeks until I get back to Vancouver ☺️. When we arrived to our first city destination, my cousin, younger sister, and I decided to bike to the beach. It was around dinner time, so the sky got dark really fast. Although I was sweating like crazy, biking along the ocean was beautiful. We also saw this ass-sized hermit crab and I wanted to die LOL. It was really dark so when I used my flashlight to shine on the fucking thing, it made it 10x more threatening.


Author: lifeashollycheuk

Just your average young adult. I go to Simon Fraser University. My hobbies mainly include taekwondo, dancing and singing . What else am I supposed to put here?

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