Makeup Saves Everyone

On those crazy nights where you have work the next day, makeup is your best and only friend.


Even on my Lazy Days

I like to wear hoodies because they are comfortable and soft, but my face will always be beat. I at least have to put on eyebrows and concealer before I walk out of house. Not so much of an insecurity issue but because makeup makes me feel good. I do it because I think it is fun. Honestly, makeup is fucking art. Like seriously, have you seen how sharp and fleeky my eyeliner can get? So best believe even on lazy hoodie days, my brows will always be on point.

So What She’s Mute?

I saw this woman walk into Blenz today and for some reason, I found her very positive. The moment she walked through the door, she smiled and waved at me. Although I could not understand her sign language, she did everything with a smile. She greeted everyone through the door with a big smile and a thumbs up haha. ¬†Yes, she is mute, but that clearly didn’t let her disability bring her mood down. The fact that I don’t have her mind set when I obviously have nothing wrong with my life says a lot about myself. She is definitely someone I look up to. There should be more positive people like her. Brave, positive, and just a ball of sunshine.

How Standards Changed Me

The moment I turn on my computer, I see perfect women with their perfect hair and perfect figures. I wouldn’t think much of it because I don’t see them in person, so to me it seems unreal. But, when I see those girls in person walking around the malls or just chilling in a coffee shop, I feel the tendency to buy a new crop top in replacement of my long sleeve just to look a bit better. I don’t know if I am the only one like this, but this is what happens when I see hot girls. I mean yeah, I check them out cuz they are hot but then I feel like I need to live up the the standards. It’s not a competition of who can get more attention. It’s more of the feeling that standards are changing and you have to change with them. That means abs, boobs, and legs all need to be shown in an outfit, and of course your makeup has to be on fleek. You can’t walk around the mall with no eyeliner, no fake lashes, and no lipstick. If you want to look up to par with the society, you better rush to Sephora to get your face on.