Taipei Dicks? 

They aren’t kidding when they say Taipei’s night market is not only the biggest, but the best. I ate very few because I’m usually not into fried food, but there were a lot of attractions. It was like an entire outlet to be honest. Clothing stores and shoe stores were huge and filled with newly released products. The amount of “dick” plushies sold at the market was a bit unusual… I’m talking every store and every claw machine. They were cute though ;).  Before the nightmarket, we went to the famous museums to observe ancient artifacts. They were cool and all, but I was really tired from all the walking that I legit took a nap on one of the benches. Thankfully, I wasn’t the only one napping; my cousin and sister also did.

Playing Victim

I honestly don’t understand why people play victim. Does it make you feel less guilty or something? Learn to take responsibility and take action for your own mistakes. Don’t blame other people for your wrong doings, especially when we got the proof. How hard is it to say “I’m sorry” once in a while. Like honestly, don’t make excuses for yourself. Isn’t it exhausting? Wasting all your energy just to prove something that might not even be that big of a deal. You end up making the situation bigger than it needs to be. Stop being so dramatic. Learn from your mistakes and own up to it. 

Feelin’ Like a Tourist

Hualian City is probably one of the most beautiful, touristy cities I have ever been to. It isn’t one of those big developed cities; it is more culture-based. We took a tour around the city today, which involved a bit of mountain hiking and exploring. The view overall was amazing! Looking down from the mountains and stepping in the clear rivers, damn, I felt so touristy haha. We also got a glimpse of the aboriginal cultures here. I was very intrigued with a lot of their traditions and rituals. Tomorrow will beour  last day in Hualian City before we leave to Taipei. But before that, my cousin and I are planning to see the sun rise at 4am so I’m gonna go ahead and sleep for a bit before I bike to the beach.

Not Taekwondo Related

Finally a vacation that’s not taekwondo related! Visiting two cities in Taiwan with my cousins for the next few days will hopefully be relaxing and exciting. I don’t have to worry about taekwondo for the next few weeks until I get back to Vancouver ☺️. When we arrived to our first city destination, my cousin, younger sister, and I decided to bike to the beach. It was around dinner time, so the sky got dark really fast. Although I was sweating like crazy, biking along the ocean was beautiful. We also saw this ass-sized hermit crab and I wanted to die LOL. It was really dark so when I used my flashlight to shine on the fucking thing, it made it 10x more threatening.


Today during our last day of training my knee felt really really loose, but I wasn’t in an imense amount of pain so I disregarded it. I did, however, take a break in the morning because my knee felt inflammed. During the afternoon session, my knee felt stronger so I continued. Due to the fact that today was the very last day to train with Taiwan, I wanted to give it my all. Because of how thoughtless I was about my knee, it started to feel loose. I really shouldn’t have continued on training knowing I was in pain. I had to keep in mind that I was in charge of that training group and I am the oldest with the most experience, so I pushed myself past my limit. I was in pain and yet I was stubborn and wanted to continue fighting it. I guess my body was smarter because I immediately lost all feelings on my knee. Limping to the chair in the waiting area, I started tearing up; not because I was in pain, but because I was frustrated. Not only could I not kick properly, I also couldn’t keep my balance. I got scared because the idea that this would happen every time I train intensely made me feel useless. I felt like shit. After calming down for a while, I stood back up and headed to the training mats. I know, I really should’ve rested. Regardless of what others said, I insisted I was fine and continued. Luckily my knee didn’t worsen, but the master limited my movements to protect my knee. Long story short, I was a crazy mess today and my conscience is fucked up. 

PS. Sorry, I didn’t write yesterday because I ptfo when I got back to the hotel 

Intense Training

First day of intense training and I’m hella beat. My bad knee started feeling really inflamed, which was a first. I have never been so surprised by the amount of sweat I could produce (ew, sorry). Currently laying in bed, sore and in pain. Tomorrow will be a even longer training session as it starts at 6:30am. Kms.