Hamber Christmas Party 

Reunion with the high school groupie! I was pretty excited for it because I haven’t seen a lot of them in a long time. I got pretty drunk, but it was pretty lit. Didn’t eat much, so didn’t take much for the alcohol to kick in. I got the weirdest present ever for white elephant…why are my friends like this.


Squad Christmas Dinner

Went to a Christmas dinner with my close friends. We exchanged secret Santa gifts and it was really awesome catching up with everyone. I rarely see them altogether because of how big our group is and how busy our schedules are. I gave a highlighter palette to my friend as a secret santa gift, and I received a mini highlighter and eyeshadow palette. One of them also made homemade cookie dough for us and it fucking tastes like heaven in a jar. I love them so much!


Clubbing After Finals

First time clubbing after finals and it was pretty lit. I met a few people and got closer to some other people. All in all, it was a good time. Got home at 6am…probably wasn’t a good idea because I got in some shit for it. My friend and I were dancing with these two guys and they were harmless, but they weren’t our type… so we “went to the washroom” to avoid them. We went to two clubs in one night and it was fucking lit af.



Attracting The Wrong Crowd

Do I automatically attract fuckboys? Do they look at me like ” oh fuck, she’s definitely the easy type.” Like bitch, why doesn’t anything ever work out for me? I just want a cute guy with a cute ass personality to approach me and ask me out. Not a cute guy with a cute ass personality but aiming to hurt me after they approach me and ask me out. BRUH WTF. On a side note, a student gave me a christmas gift…so that’s awesome.


Night Out at SFU

First time crashing at my university today and I’m already feeling exhausted. Why is it so fricken warm in the library? I’m wearing a hoodie with nothing underneath (wink) and my cheeks are flaming hot. My cheeks get hot pretty easily though…Anyways, I wonder how long I can hold up. Hopefully if I do fall asleep, I wake up in time for my 8:30am exam tomorrow…

Hitting Snooze

Staring at the clock as each minute ticks by, I get a sense that I probably won’t be able to get my ass up tomorrow morning. On days where I have nothing planned, setting my alarm for noon is pretty early for me. Obviously for school, that’s a different case. I hope I don’t hit snooze tomorrow because I hate waking up in the afternoon. Currently 5:18am right now and my insomnia is going strong…

Broken and More Broken

I am all for trying new things and giving people second chances, but it’s hard when I am already damaged. The more I am hurt in the past, the more insecurities are subconsciously create. It is not like I want them, but I can’t help to feel that way. I am still waiting for that someone to make me feel special enough so I can finally peel off the insecurities and become myself again.