Halloween and Clarity

Spent halloween at fright night with some of my favourite people. Honestly so glad I didn’t decide to go clubbing. Two more of my friends came in when we were getting food and “he” was very affectionate. Made me feel very happy inside. But for some reason after we parted, I sat down with my friend Suki and we had a talk. This eventually led me to confront him about some things. Certain situations were clarified, but we are still generally both confused. Whatever it comes down to, I will try to be that person for him…to help him figure out what he needs to figure out.


Rekindling Something Old

A 15 year friendship probably wouldn’t last that long if we didn’t have a special connection. We don’t even see each other that often, but for some reason we could talk for hours in one sitting. She was my best friend when I was as young as 4 and till now, we are still very close. Recently we have been getting closer and it’s such an awesome feeling because there was a period of time where we were too busy with other things that time was not right. As a friend, she values what I value and we have similar histories. She is now someone I can talk to when I’m feeling down and she knows who to talk to when she is as well ☺️

Questionable Relationship?

I don’t know where this is going, so I’m gonna stay unattached. That being said though, I am going to stay loyal and not do shit with other people. Going clubbing tomorrow and as much as how distant we are at the moment, I’ll try not to do shit. Not because I’m aftaid of hurting the other person but because I just don’t feel like that’s morrally right. I won’t feel comfortable with it.