Current Status: My Ass is Gone

Not like I ever had one, but I’ve been writing so many papers that my ass has magically disappeared. I think I’ve been using my ass more than my brain to write these papers to be quite honest. Literally though…I have been sitting so much that both my ass cheeks hurt. I’m so tired of this. Concave ass is now a thing. I made it a thing.


I was a Psych Experiment

A little off track from my previous blog posts, but funny story today. I have to get research participation credits for my psychology major, so I decided to register for one. I was wondering why this experiment used up a full 1.5hours, much longer than most. I fucking had a swimming cap looking thing with holes in them on my head. On top of that, the holes were attached to electrode wires…think the whole equipment is called EED or something. I looked like a fucking outer-space synchronized swimmer. That’s not even the worst part. The researcher squirted out blue gel through each hole of the cap, so I had like gel all over my scalp. Thank god I was allowed to wash my hair cuz fuck…it looked nasty. Washing my hair over the sink was such a struggle though. Next time, I’m just going to stick to 0.5 hour experiments. Seriously wish I had a picture saved on my phone.