Pheromones Attraction?

So I’ve read about pheromone attraction briefly before and it amazes me how the scent of someone could draw you in to them. Weirdly enough, I do understand the concept because I love the scent of my boyfriend. Each person as their own individual pheromone scent. However, some people’s pheromone may not be so pleasant to others, therefore drawing them away. For example, there are people in this world who smells like shit. Like they haven’t showered in years, and it makes you think, “hm maybe they just dirty or something” NAH. They could shower 500x a day and still smell like dog farts. some are so strong, they could walk past you be like HOLY FUUUuuuuu NO OMG YOU STANK. But someone’s stank-ness could be another’s pheromone attraction…uhh that made more “scent” in my head. Oops.


Worth Every Heartache

Every heartache I have experienced was painful in some degree. Whether it was from a relationship or friendship, I still felt something when they ended. Meeting someone new whom I truly care for makes all the heartache in the past so worth it. I know it does sound dark and twisted when put into words, but every heartache seems to lead up to the one person who won’t cause you pain and stress. Everything that has been carried behind your back and pulling you down for years feels well worth when you meet the right person.

Entering My 20s

I’m finally 20. Should I feel super different because I’m in my 20s now? I honestly still feel 19 LOL. Anyways, I spent it with my true friends as half of them didn’t really bother to show up or answer my invitation for that matter. I was kind of hurt because I showed up to all of their birthdays regardless of my schedule. Anyways, I went clubbing the night of and it was pretty fun. Other than the fact that a few assholes showed up and kind of tried to ruin my mood, I didn’t let that get to me. I had my true friends with me and I was happy. Fuck yo…I’m 20…that doesn’t even sound right.

Advices I Should Listen to…

Friends: Dude, don’t go for him. He’s bad news

Me: Yeah, I can see that. You guys are totally right

-a week later-

Me: So we’re seeing each other now

Friends: Don’t fall too hard, I don’t trust him

-another week later-

Me: Guys, I fell too hard and my heart is totally broken

Friends: BITCH…

Another One?

Seriously, I have this bad curse that makes gets me attracted to fuckboys. It’s not like I intentionally search for them. In fact, I never search for anyone ever…things just happen to me. Since the beginning I’ve always been into sweet guys with a bit of an edge. Guys who tease me and can bicker with me but are genuinely caring and sweet. For some reason that falls under the fuckboy category. Literally someone just told me ” wait, you’re talking to him? dude, don’t. He’s gonna play you.” ARE YOU SERIOUS? AGAIN??? Why does my life have to be like this.

Current Status: My Ass is Gone

Not like I ever had one, but I’ve been writing so many papers that my ass has magically disappeared. I think I’ve been using my ass more than my brain to write these papers to be quite honest. Literally though…I have been sitting so much that both my ass cheeks hurt. I’m so tired of this. Concave ass is now a thing. I made it a thing.